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Nicolino De Pasquale
Moses’ Calendar
A 7-day week justifies an use of a solar calendar for Jews. A rare prayer, Birkat Hachama, Leviticus and Odyssey book XII confirm such a hypothesis; also Exodus 26 and Psalm 90 have logical ties with solar computations. Adding a whole week once every 28 years, 1,120 years and 62,720 years we can reach a perfect value of the sidereal solar year, using a unique 7-year calendar, whose years can be named like the days of the week.
Nicolino De Pasquale
Decimal Guaman Poma.pdf
A 16th century chronicler makes a list of Incan numbers in his manuscript. Some terms including huno, almost impossible to translate, led scholars towards two distinct problematical solutions. Thanks to the help deriving from the redevelopment of the Incan calculating mechanism Mathematics is allowing us to get to the final solution of this huge linguistic problem. A better understanding of Incan numbers and their way to perform calculations will leadto further insights about Andean civilizations.
Nicolino De Pasquale
An abacus, drawn by Felipe Guaman Poma de Ayala (fig. 0), allows us to discover the Inca astronomical reckoning which is founded on a mixed base 36-40 numeral system, built on numbers belonging to Fibonacci sequence. Such an eccentric base, confirmed by many archaeological findings, reveals considerable astronomical knowledge, like Venus and Mercury’s
cycles. The same abacus shows the Inca sidereal solar year, with its upsetting accuracy, and a wonderful perpetual calendar, surprisingly based on number 5. Some application of the Inca system, like the Atahualpa calculator, is possible even nowadays.

Nicolino De Pasquale Egyptian Nuragic Trigonometry
We propose the last research of our prof. Nicolino De Pasquale. Starting from the Imenmes Games at the Louvre, he reconstructs Egyptian Nuragic mathematics and trigonometry.
Clicking on link you can freely download and learn of the rotating ruler of Imenmes and of mathematical and trigonometric functions that are used in describing the growth of plants and flowers. A 3 D extension of ancient Mediterranean knowledge lead to a wonderful Non Euclidean space, which is very powerful in calculating direction cosines.
Nicolino De Pasquale The Condor's flight First article written by Nicolino De Pasquale dealing with the Incas' abacus, base 40, published on the "Engineers' Roll Magazine"of Pescara Provincia. Issue of October 2001. The same article was also published on the Special Issue of October 2002 of the same magazine.

Maurizio Orlando

The Atahualpa calculator

La Calcolatrice Atahualpa Italian translation of the first article written by Maurizio Orlando about the calculator that was carried out as a faithful reproduction of the Incas' abacus, base 40, which had been decrypted by Nicolino De Pasquale. Original article in Spanish language published on the "Engineers' Roll Magazine" . Special issue of October 2002.

Nicolino De Pasquale e Antonio Aimi

Andean Calculators

Despite the general conviction that the data recorded on QUIPUSES were calculated by means of YUPANAS (Mackey et al., 1990, Urton, 2002: 119, Sempat, 2002:124; Quilter, 2002 (while doing accounts, making and untying knots would be really too difficult….), not only have these YUPANAS had hard being recognized as the main instruments of calculations in the Andean world, mostly outside Peru, but, actually they have often been presented as nothing less than fortress models even toys, too.

Nicolino De Pasquale

Mathematica Maya

First article written by Nicolino De Pasquale about the Mayas' maths. Other passages will be added as soon as the acts of the International Meeting are published (the meeting, organized by the IILA - Italian and Latinamerican Institute-, was held in Rome on October, the 21st 2003, and dealt about the "Precolumbian Mathematical Calculation")

Nicolino De Pasquale

The Huari Abacus

At the same time of the Tiwanaku culture,which was featured by a priestly mould, the Huari culture was growing along the Peruvian coast. The latter was quite similar to the former because it used the same instruments and methods of calculation as described in the enclosure dealing with the Huari abacus.

Nicolino De Pasquale

Inemnesis's Games

Article by Nicolino De Pasquale about the Egyptians published on the magazine of the Engineers Roll of Pescara. Inemnesis's games. 2003

Maurizio Orlando

The Incas' Abacus and New Architectures of Calculation

Publication by Maurizio Orlando dealing with the progress of the research into the Incas' Abacus and some possible new ideas for the making of new architectures of calculation. Offprint from the volume "Precolumbian Mathematical Calculation", edited by Bardi, publication of the documents of the same Meeting held on October, the 21st 2003 at the IILA office in Rome.

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